Could there possibly be a golf-piano connection? In Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven, John Eliot Gardiner remarks, “…the more clearly you scrutinize the music from the outside as listener, and the more deeply you get to know it from the inside as a performer, the better are your chances of uncovering the wonders it has to offer…”
As a novice golfer and pianist, an evolving experience has been that the learned skill of visualization, when chocked full of vivid sensations, has the potential to inspire this “performer” to unleash the artist within to create impact that is to be celebrated; and sound that inspires lingering impressions and sensations. The visualization literature suggests bringing the desired image to life as either an outside observer or as the object; and to be effective the visualization process is best if outer and inner perspectives are available. Experience during pre-shot routine has been that “being the ball” and “being the golfer” really works for this golfer. It feels like the process suggested by Gardiner for uncovering the inspiring sounds of Johann Bach is similar: be the listener and be the performer. Both processes are sensual-hearing and feeling; and both processes are inner and outer. Need to get to work, practice and experiment with visualization as a learned piano skill. If it will work for golf, it feels like it will work for creating inspired sounds with the multitude of formulas offered by black and white piano keys and shiny, brass pedals.
Yes! There is a golf-piano connection; and it sounds like thunderous, inspiring impact! Will keep you informed about progress on-the-course and at the keyboard.

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