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Golf is a life and sport treasure chest! As one who has been fascinated by the game’s riches, it has been rewarding to occasionally take a “bird’s eye view” of the sport’s offerings and make a current reality assessment of the game’s opportunities and challenges: What more can I learn about the game? What will genuinely contribute to more enjoyment of the game? What will facilitate preparation for peak performance? What can enable being trained to self-coach? To “jump start” an assessment, a Game Reflection Menu follows.
INTENT: To learn; to enjoy; to perform to the best of evolved, human ability; and to self-coach.
The Player
• Culture of Golfers
• Learning Types
• Practice Effectiveness
• Integral Life Practice
• Learned Skills
 Logistical Factors: Direction and Distance
 Ball Flight Laws
 Fourteen Principles: Influence Ball flight Laws
 Club Selection, Club Mechanics, Body Mechanics, Ball Position, Routine and Ritual
 Golf Equipment and Accessories
 Club Fitting and Club Repair
 Visualization
 Set-up: Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture
 Relaxed Concentration
 Swing Motion
• Philosophy
• Teaching
• Coaching
• Self-coaching
The Game
• History and Legends
• Playing Golf
• Etiquette and Definitions
• Rules of Golf and Local Rules
• Pace-of-Play
• Games Within the Game: 1) Putting; 2) Short Game: Chipping, Pitching, Sand Shots, Chiputts , Bump-and- Run; 3) Scoring Wedges; 4) Long Game; and 6) On-the-Course Strategy and Play
• Golf Courses
• Literature and State-of-the-Art Trends
Industry, Organizations and Associations
• Membership
• Careers and Volunteer Opportunities
Debrief, celebrate and reflect on the Infinite messages about LIFE: HOW ARE THINGS WORKING FOR YOU? It is a wonderful game: learn, enjoy, perform and self-coach!!

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