Meditation can accelerate and nurture the development of some of the inner-mental skill necessities for transcendent-zone experiences in golf. A brief story…
In 2001, sparked by a stagnant bowling average, a trek to learn to meditate was launched at Naropa University. As relevant literature had revealed, a desired result was to begin to experience the connection between the body and the mind through the breath. By early 2004, the bowling passion had expired and as a three-year Tibetan Buddhist trained, novice meditation practitioner, the search was expanded to discover a connection between meditation and golf. At the time golf had been a part of my life for 60-plus years; and son, Doug, and wife, Cindy, wanted to learn to play golf. I was up for the challenge and opportunity; and was to discover that the game of golf could be a genuine classroom of self-awareness for a willing and open student.
The treasure hunt produced gold in 2017, and although the journey to understand and experience the meditation-golf link continues to blossom, the connection is quite simple. Meditation can quicken the process of learning:

  • to quiet the mind;
  • to focus attention;
  • to expand awareness;
  • to visualize and create multi-dimensional images;
  • to increase the likelihood for zone-peak-paranormal-mystical experience to emerge;
  • to heighten concentration;
  • to deepen center for a more effective level of physical and mental functioning;
  • to facilitate harmony with surroundings;
  • to enable relaxation;
  • to create, at will, a peaceful state of nothingness-quiet obliviousness-offering increased confidence and insight;
  • et al.


If you are up for the challenge and opportunity, recommend that a first step be to find a meditation coach who understands your purpose and individual uniqueness with respect to contemplative practice; and with whom you have good chemistry. In future blogs, the intent is to discuss the above mentioned experiences with respect to golf.book2

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