How fit are leaders?
Leadership is an earned, trust based, influence relationship between the respective leader, other leaders and followers who intend ethical changes that mirror their common purpose. Unfortunately, amidst chaos created by aroused emotions and divisiveness, it is difficult to “simply notice” essential leadership competencies as follows:
ETHICAL: Is a good person and practices goodness in everyday life.
STRATEGIC VISION: Establishes and communicates vision and strategies.
MISSION DRIVEN: Has peace-of-mind with purpose and connections built on a foundation of compassion.
FINANCIAL SAVY: Makes sound economic and financial decisions.
STAFFING: Attracts, selects and develops talented people.
QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS: Develops and sustains cooperative relationships.
COMMUNICATIONS: Keeps persons informed and creates forums to give and receive information.
BUSINESS and POLITICAL SAVY: Has a worldview perspective and is aware and understands the implications of changes in the globe.
TEAM LEADERSHIP: Achieves results by motivating and inspiring a winning team and by creating an environment where differences are valued and in which persons retain uniqueness and contribute full potential.
EXECUTIVE MATURITY: Has a stable temperament and acts appropriately in business, social and political situations.
HUMAN NEEDS SATISFACTION: Is “in-tune” with mental and emotional needs of others.
IDEA LEADERSHIP: Implements breakthrough and innovative ideas, programs and processes that make a genuine difference.
VALUES: Unconditional trust, integrity, honesty and morality.
PRINCIPLES: Does not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do; objective, not self-serving and acts in the best interests of the people being served; committed to the concept of 100% responsibility: life happens because of me and not to me; and sets a good example for physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual awakening and integration of hidden reflections.

In conclusion, there is more than enough of the American Dream to go around. Leaders who are aware of, understand and are committed to conscious evolution of this country will model the way as a person, in relationships and when helping others. “Simply notice” that absent integrally fit leaders, chaos and divisiveness will continue and our Nation will fall well-short of our potential. In our own way, let us each make a difference in the fitness of our Nation’s leadership.


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