Ever since teeing up that first golf ball with Mom and Dad at the age of seven, golf has been a patient life coach; and as the years have sped by, the sport continues to coach and counsel. Recent experiences have offered that if open and psychologically ready for the infinite messages, “simple” in golf and life can be discovered beyond sport and life’s complexities.
As humans, Christian Larson’s (The Great Within) message is clear: we are reflections—thinking, personality and character—of the language we live-in.  As Abel Leighton Allen contends, “Our todays are the result of our past thinking, our tomorrows the result of our present thinking. We have been our mental parents, and we shall be our own mental children.” How would Woody and Birdy Ball, Golf as Guru, use this taste of philosophy on every shot or putting stroke on the golf course? “Too complicated for us: Just learn to program and trust the subconscious to hit the #$@% golf ball to an intended target.”
Step One: Create a clear, conscious vision of the ball at the desired target; and feel what is required to place the ball at the target: body mechanics, club mechanics, swing motion and ball position.
-Club required.
-Immaculate set-up.
-One piece take-away.
-No hurry to transition for full torque turn.
-Smooth transition
-Accelerating forward swing and release.
-Club face square to ball-target line at impact: 49 degrees of tilt.
-Extension of club to target.
-Complete finish.
Step Two: Go to the breath and program the subconscious with the vision of the what and the how—breathe it, think it, deeply feel it, see it, taste it, smell it and touch it.
Step three: Proceed with the pre-shot routine and ritual for the desired shot or stroke.
Step four: Celebrate!
As Birdy offers, “Yes! We are thinking, personality and character reflections of the language we live in. Let’s live in the language we desire! Not the swing thoughts and whims of the monkey mind that keep us mired two shots from insanity.”

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