As the run-up to the November 2020 election unfolds; and as we witness the dark divide becoming wider, deeper, and darker, a merging of the Democratic and Republican convention planks into a common vision—an alternate reality—and contrasting the two candidates for President bears fruit. It appears the critical decision is to select the candidate who can best move us closer to the vision. Let us start with the merged vision; and in subsequent BLOGs, candidate profiles will be offered peeking at talents, skills, and experiences; observations; and character, personality, mentality, and interests.



  • Limited government for citizens.
  • Fiscal responsibility; economic stability and equity; and long-term financial security.
  • Public safety for all Americans, respect for law and order, and no one is above the law.
  • Top ten healthcare system, including mental healthcare and long-term care.
  • Programs, processes, and coalitions to dismantle systemic racism.
  • Business ethical and moral issues: Federal intervention after two written Federal warnings.
  • Avoid war with strong military and space forces and dialogue.
  • Professional State Department and alliances; and stand up to dictators.
  • Helping others: churches, individuals, groups, institutions, and the government.
  • Judges: uphold the Constitution and guiding principles; and satisfy evolving cultural needs.
  • Marriage or children: citizen’s choices, current need, and level of culture’s evolution.
  • Respect for science.

Core Values and Guiding Principles
The Constitution is sacredly obligatory upon all. Our core values are truth to power, honesty, integrity, hope, love, and morality; and we put quality in all we are and all we do. We do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those amongst us who do; and we respect law and order. We are committed to “walk the talk,” to action, and to the concept of 100% responsibility. We are objective, not self-serving, and make decisions in the best interests of The United States of America.
Leaders: have a track record of success and are trusted; have a history of compassion, loving-kindness, and building coalitions; understand that great leaders have been good followers and that leadership is an influence relationship that energizes earned power and willingness to achieve mutually defined goals; are master of the self, mind”full”ness, awareness, and integral life practice and model the way as persons, in relationships, socially, institutionally, and by helping others; have high standards with respect to morals, ethics, guiding principles, and core values that are plainly manifested in candidate’s personality, character, mentality, and magnetism; have learned self-restraint and 100% responsibility; are visibly committed to health, wellness, and well-being personally and for all Americans; are well-qualified, listen, inspire hope, have faith, are empathetic, and who know where the country is and what it needs; will be surrounded by exceptionally well-qualified associates; will diligently work to create and maintain a compelling worldview vision and action strategies and plans for the country; and will lead the development of policies and programs to evolve this country for all Americans.
Policies and Programs

  • Leadership, management, and control of pandemics through the Centers for Disease Control coupled with state public health entities and active support and interface with the World Health Organization.
  • Voting integrity with a viable and well led United States Postal Service.
  • An economy for working, middle-class families that is teeming with jobs, union solidarity, small businesses, agriculture programs and processes, essential childcare, corporate sanity, sound trade relationships, and social security system.
  • A globally envied education system: facilities, teachers, curriculum, and schools of choice.
  • Racial and social justice, diversity, and anti-racism policies and programs that evolve dismantling the conscious and unconscious pillars of racism in the country: prison reform; human dignity and respect, all colors, all genders, all religions-integral spirituality. Civil rights are a must.
  • Communities are safe and teeming with peaceful activities, including protests; citizens and police are mutually respected, masters of the Self, and model the way as persons, in relationships, socially, institutionally, and by helping others. Violence on streets is not tolerated and is dealt with sanely.
  • Global climate change and environment
  • Affordable healthcare and viable public health outreach (integral physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, wellness, and well-being) coupled with honored per-existing conditions, decreasing drug prices, and necessary integral psychological health processes, including resolution of opioid addiction. Top ten measureable dimensions: history, coverage, financing, payment, delivery of care, prescription drug regulation, human resources, and future challenges. Considerations: consumer friendliness, choices for providers, innovation, generosity of coverage, and equality of care.
  • Leading-edge military and space force, visits to military deployment areas, exceptional veteran and veteran spouse-family-children benefits, outreach, integral psychological health, and combat veteran re-entry-transition program.
  • Intelligence and technology
  • National security and foreign policy with inspired State Department and allies: underwater, space, and military; and coalition building facilitated by trust, respect, and mutual goals.
  • An infrastructure re-building program: maintenance, re-building, and evolution.
  • Sensible gun laws.
  • Immigration reform and sanity.
  • Programs for the empowerment, advancement, and placement of women.
  • Abortion legislation recognizes women’s rights to choose.
  • Tax equity and sanity; and long-term care and financial security programs for seniors.
  • Freedom of religion and spiritual path.
  • Media are objective, tell the truth, and are respected.

Wow! That is a bunch of stuff to get done. Future BLOGs will begin to explore the candidates for President with a view toward facilitating the selection of the candidate most qualified to get the job done for all Americans.

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