After a round of golf Sunday, Woody and Birdy Ball, golfer’s partners during the learning-reading journey through Golf as Guru: Mind”full”ness, Awareness and Self-Restraint, were enjoying 19th hole eats and drinks on the patio of the community golf club. The conversation evolved to a discussion of a vision for the club’s brand, strategies, and integral brand attributes. Interesting outcome…
A “crown jewel” with magnetic and addictive brand attributes, i.e. the experience of every golfer, every time, is attractive, alluring, and inspires a “must have again” occasion.

  • Grounds, facilities, and equipment are immaculate.
  • Leadership, management, and staff are courteous, efficient, and effective.
  • Marketing and sales are targeted and enable optimum rounds of golf and golf cart rental.
  • Net income sustains the club and maintains the club asset base.

INTEGRAL BRAND ATTRIBUTES (See Integral Life Practice, Wilber et al, 2008, Boston, MA: Integral, page 301)
Individual Interior

  • Comfortable with complexity
  • Flexible and adaptive thinking
  • Strong desire to learn and grow
  • Open to change
  • No need for status or displays of power
  • Long term vision
  • Recognizes complex patterns and interconnections
  • Sense if integrity, self-responsibility, and accountability
  • Values multiple intelligences

Individual Exterior

  • Efficient behaviors
  • Acts spontaneously and appropriately
  • Adaptive to life conditions
  • Balanced decision making
  • Follows through on promises
  • Pragmatic—does what works
  • Obtains information needed for success
  • Quickly learns necessary
  • Takes advantages of biggest opportunities
  • Leverages strengths, manages around weaknesses

Collective Interior

  • High trust, low fear culture
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Clear channels of communication
  • Coaching and mentoring practiced
  • Open questioning
  • Ability to relate to multiple constituencies
  • Adapts communication to audience
  • Learning organization
  • Leaders develop others

Collective Exterior

  • Values process efficiency
  • Small, flexible work teams
  • Adaptive systems
  • Appropriate technology
  • Sustainable resource consumption
  • Recognition of multiple social contexts—legal, political, ecological, economic, etc.
  • Success defined by the triple bottom line—profit, people, planet

Birdy remarks, “Wow! That vision is a big bite to swallow. All we need now is a realistic assessment of current reality; and then we can put together yearly goals, objectives, and action plans to move us closer to the vision.” Woody comments, “Well said! I am tired. Let’s go home!”

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