Let us take a few more minutes and begin to figure out who should receive our votes. Vision and leadership, to include values and guiding principles, have been explored. The intent of this blog is to offer an initial list of possible policies and programs.

As campaigning for 2022 mid-term elections and the 2024 Presidential race unfolds, and as the media frenzies swarm, it should come as no surprise that the strategy for political parties is “strategic extremism” based on identity politics: we-they, us-them, simply feeding a culture created on dualism.  This is nothing more than two wolves destroying a beautiful country from within. As campaigning moves forward, note that there is limited discussion about policies, programs, and issues that make a difference; and notice the inflammatory nonsense in a deliberate effort to manipulate, mobilize, and separate voters. Culturally liberal mainstream media will happily take the bait—it boosts ratings—and makes cultural “illiberalism” a big issue. Because morality is relative and voters like it, it is an easy tool with which to MANIPULATE voters. Every time we are emotionally upset, angry, irritated, impatient, condescending, we are deliberately being set up, and we may not want to acknowledge it at the time. Lies, deception, conspiracies, half-truths, valueless, virtue less, vision less, leaderless, and dualism are simply a way of life for political campaigns.

American citizens are better than this! We can remain in our seats and watch the show and realize that what is unfolding in front of us is part of a play and that the actors are only emotionally triggering us—manipulating us—and offering messages. This beckons challenge and opportunity to take time out and reflect on key issues in the form of a vision, mission, leaders and leadership, values, virtues, and guiding principles to live, and what policies and programs make sense for the country. We have a great deal to heal and get done in the battle for democracy and the Nation. Let us be open to the infinite potential and possibilities and build cohesive teams and partnerships in our great country. A strength is our differences! We are all Americans, and we can each choose to transcend and include others. Two weeks ago, a working vision and mission were offered and last week a perspective of leadership, to include values and guiding principles, was offered. The sharing this week is possible policies and programs. Chew on them and perhaps create lists of your own to guide productive discussion and decision making.

  • Leadership, management, and control of pandemics through the Centers for Disease Control, coupled with state public health entities and active support and interface with the World Health Organization.
  • Voting integrity with a viable and well led United States Postal Service.
  • Affordable healthcare and viable public health outreach (integral physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, wellness, and well-being) coupled with honored per-existing conditions, decreasing drug prices, and necessary integral psychological health processes, including resolution of opioid addiction. Top ten measurable dimensions: history, coverage, financing, payment, delivery of care, prescription drug regulation, human resources, and future challenges. Considerations: consumer friendliness, choices for providers, innovation, generosity of coverage, and equality of care.
  • An economy for working, middle-class families that is teeming with jobs, union solidarity, small businesses, agriculture programs and processes, essential childcare, corporate sanity, sound trade relationships, and social security system.
  • A globally envied education system: facilities, teachers, schools of choice, and curriculum that unsettles minds and coaches students to think straight.
  • Racial and social justice, diversity, and anti-racism policies and programs that evolve dismantling the conscious and unconscious pillars of racism and dualism in the country: prison reform; human dignity and respect, all colors, all genders, all religions-integral spirituality. Civil rights are a must.
  • Communities are safe and teeming with peaceful activities, including protests; citizens and police are mutually respected, masters of the Self, and model the way as persons, in relationships, socially, institutionally, culturally, and by caring for and helping others. Violence on streets is not tolerated and is dealt with sanely.
  • Leading-edge military and space force, visits to military deployment areas, exceptional veteran and veteran spouse-family-children benefits, outreach, integral psychological health, and combat veteran re-entry-transition program.
  • Global climate change and environment
  • Intelligence and technology
  • National security and foreign policy with inspired State Department and allies: underwater, space, and military; and coalition building facilitated by trust, respect, and mutual goals.
  • An infrastructure re-building program: maintenance, re-building, and evolution.
  • Sensible gun laws.
  • Immigration reform and sanity.
  • Programs for the empowerment, advancement, and placement of women.
  • Abortion legislation recognizes women’s rights to choose.
  • Tax equity and sanity; and long-term care and financial security programs for seniors.
  • Freedom of religion and spiritual path.
  • Media are objective, tell the truth, and are respected.

Have fun creating your own lists to facilitate voting choices and sane, objective discussion of options. A nice read is Kirsten Powers Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn to Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts.


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