The 2022 mid-term elections will soon to be in rear view mirrors! And as 2024 elections unfold and candidates begin entertaining, spending, parading, politicking; and displaying character, personality, mentality, and magnetism, it occurred that to prevent personal distraction and interference, as continued shenanigans, poppycock, gobbledygook, whatchamacallits, and whatnot are unfurled, it would be a good idea to put together a working list of general position requirements for candidates. This list can serve as a nice time out for re-focus and serve as a hitching post and point of departure for objective, “quality candidate” definition lists and decision making.

Position Qualifications

  • Leader who has a track record of building teams of rivals—coalitions; who understands that great leaders have been good followers; that leadership is an influence relationship that energizes earned power and willingness to achieve mutually defined goals.
  • Master of the self, mind “full” ness, awareness and integral life practice—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually; and is master of authentic self and models the way as a person, in relationships, socially, institutionally, culturally and by helping others and caring about others. Puts quality, common good, compassion, integrity, and virtue in all he-she is and does.
  • High standards with respect to morals, ethics, guiding principles and core values that are plainly manifested in candidate’s personality, character, mentality, and magnetism. He-she does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.
  • Has learned self-restraint and 100% responsibility—life happens because of me and not to me; and is visibly committed to health, wellness, and well-being, personally, and for all Americans.

Affordable policies that respect humanity and nurture, grow and awaken American evolution

  • Economy that works for all Americans.
  • Healthcare: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, wellness and well-being.
  • Education-facilities, teachers and curriculum-and childcare.
  • Security: underwater, space and military.
  • Value in diversity, human dignity and respect.
  • Foreign policy coalition building facilitated by trust, respect and mutual goals.
  • Intelligence and technology leadership.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and evolution.

As the mid-term elections, inflation, and the economy vividly reminded us, fragile democracy and today’s evolving, global world demand leaders who can build and lead diverse teams of rivals, domestically and globally, to facilitate resolution of issues strategically and tactically for America and the world. As General Jim Mattis contended,

In this age, I don’t care how tactically or operationally brilliant you are, if you cannot create harmony-even vicious harmony-on the battlefield based on trust across service lines, across coalition and national lines, and across civilian/military lines, you need to go home, because your leadership is obsolete. We have got to have officers who can create harmony across all those lines.

We need to select good team-coalition leaders in 2024: all Americans and global partners will appreciate the harmony, collective improvements, and sane evolution of the globe. A good place to start is with a definition of a “quality candidate” because quality candidates make a difference!

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