Christian Larson’s message is clear: our sickness, disease, illness, health, wellness, and wellbeing are reflections of the language we live in; and since birth the conscious mind (5% of who we are) has been programming the subconscious mind (95% of who we are) to live the actions, words, thoughts, and emotions others have offered—Mom, Dad, Gma, Gpa, teachers, monks, imams, priests, nuns, rabbis, coaches, mentors, ministers, military buddies, Army brass, professors, classmates, neighbors, spouses, kids, etc. These programs are the result of past thinking and tomorrows the result of present thinking. We have been mental parents, and we shall be our own mental children. All that a person does and brings to pass is the vesture of thought. What one thinks and passionately or lazily passes along to the body as a “must do” or “should do” is what one gets. The challenge is to close the gap between the authentic self, the language of integrity, and the others’ self that we have chosen to create because of what others have offered and we have chosen. The challenge and opportunity are to tell the truth. As a perfectionist-reformer-know it all who fears rejection, has targeted having everything right, and has rejected the imperfect for eight decades, recognizing and admitting reality about the presented self stirs inner chaos, tantrums, and stress that is paralyzing and distracting, and generates and reinforces suffering, sickness, disease, and illness. What should one do to close the gap between John’s John (authentic self) and others’ John? Interesting questions:

What does it feel like when “presenting John”? Controlled, angry or one of its many varieties, irritated, grumpy, condescending, critical, intolerant, impatient, elevated voice, controlling (soft-nice, or hard- nasty), etc.

Do you notice anything physically or emotionally different? Tight, rigid, not focused, distracted. A-fib occasionally pays a visit when stress endures.

Do you feel happy or guilty when you are being authentic, or are you tired? Guilty and tired, angry.

Do your breathing patterns change? Shortness of breath.

Any change in appetite? Stressed, not hungry, nauseated.

What are thoughts? Positive. Negative. Self-motivated. Other motivated. Angry: Where have all the years gone? The “shoulds and oughts” are eight decades old.

Yes!! We are reflections—thinking, personality, character, and state of wellness—of the language we live-in: intrapersonal, interpersonal, person-to-persons, social media, and mass media. Larson’s message: have a clear, conscious vision of the desired well state of being (high level of wellness), health, and integral wholeness; and program the subconscious with the vision. A beginning…


-Virtues: gratitude, trust-hope, compassion; courage and honesty; and integrity and prudence.

-Master of authentic self and model the way as a person, in relationships, socially, institutionally, culturally, by helping others, and caring about others.

-Quality, common good, compassion, and virtue in all I am and all I do.

-Peace of mind with purpose and connections created on a foundation of compassion.

-Wellness: point where an individual is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually capable of maintaining his-her highest quality of life (lifestyle and habits) through self-responsibility, self-leadership, and self-management.

-Illness: individual looks for cause and medical professional is partner in resolving the illness rather than as a “fix it” handyperson.

-Quality of life attributes manifested through personality and character are evolutionary, revolutionary, leading edge, and a creative leap forward.

-Authentic happiness is process, an evolving journey, and a reasonable goal.

Let the subconscious mind programming begin through the brain center and conscious mind connection…

-Concentrate on finer mental life that permeates physical brain (organ).

-Directions to subconscious (95% of who one is.) through brain center.

-Physical ailments: concentrated on subconscious mentality that permeates the organ, muscle, or nerve.

-Impress conscious realization on any part of body: think it, feel it, see it, taste it, smell it, and touch it.

-Physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness: integral life practice.

-Harmony of the human organs and eleven human systems.

Yes! We are thinking, personality, character, and wellness reflections of the language we live in. Let’s live in the language of the authentic self! Close the gap between the authentic self and the represented self, the healthy ego, and the unhealthy ego. Simply one step at a time. Perfectionism creates stress, distractions, and tantrums! The vision offers happiness, a manner of traveling with strategies as follows:

-Tell the truth, do not lie. Honesty, integrity, and morality.

-Meditate for healthy partnership of the conscious and subconscious minds and for mindfulness, awareness, and self-restraint.

-Guided meditation therapy.

First Step Resources

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Evolving Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind, Dr. Joe Dispenza.



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