As each day flies by and the media gamesmanship and circus of the 2024 Presidential election unfold, the hidden message is that type of government will remain on ballots. Yes, we will be casting votes for candidates who represent a form of government, either continued democratic republic or autocratic. Autocratic offers one party, position power, dictatorship, corruption, money for a few, racism, white supremacy, chaos, anger, division, tribalism, fear, and civil war. Democratic republic offers two parties, earned power, leadership, stability, inclusion, equality, common good, choice, freedom, compassion, health, wellness and wellbeing and quality in all we are and in all we do. A single party, a Party of the People, may also be an evolving option.

The Democratic Party needs new leaders and leadership with a revolutionary vision for the Party’s future. Today it feels like the Party is in a quagmire attempting either to cater to uber-capitalism or to improve the lives of most of the American people. The result: too many working-class citizens have given up on democracy and elections because they do not believe either party is working on their issues. Whether you are a Red Stater, Blue Stater, Republican, Democrat, Independent, or do not care, this author has grown to appreciate the helicopter, global perspective of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders. In his It’s OK to be Angry about Capitalism, he offers that the Democratic Party needs to evolve a strategic objective of being the Party of the People with strategies (Sanders, 290-291) as follows:

  1. Transform the Democratic National Committee from a corporate-dominated fundraising apparatus into a source of support for grassroots activism and working-class struggles.
  2. Make certain that primaries are open, fair, and well run.
  3. Democratize the nominating processes. Party bosses, campaign donors, and officials should not be able to tip the balance of Democratic National Conventions against candidates that have won majority support in the states.
  4. Restructure debates between contenders for the presidential nomination so that they are serious examinations of the issues.
  5. Make conventions genuine convenings of the party membership, as opposed to choreographed media spectacles. Delegates should be empowered to write platforms that address the needs of the country, and to engage in open and respectful debate on those issues. Then those delegates should head home with the resources and the support that will win elections and give meaning to the process.

A helicopter, birds eye view offers a perspective of what America needs for working folks. Catering to uber-capitalists and continuing the polarized political shows and hate slinging side steps issues that can really make a difference in the lives of most of the population. In addition, the question that unfolds quickly is what our choices will do for the youth and generations to come. Experience offers that whether one is a Red Stater, Blue Stater, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, one’s judgements can be altered because of the individual or his-her party as opposed to appreciating and understanding the depth of an experienced based perspective. Let’s work on issues that make a difference in human lives and not spend time looping conversations that reinforce polarity and division of a beautiful country.

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