Ever since teeing up that first golf ball with Mom and Dad at the age of eight, golf has been a patient life coach; and as the years have sped by, the sport continues to coach and counsel. Recent experiences have offered that if open and psychologically ready for the infinite messages, “simple” in golf and life can be discovered beyond sport and life’s complexities. Quantum mind and supernatural indeed awaits all.

Christian Larson’s (The Great Within) message is clear: we are reflections—thinking, personality and character—of the language we live-in.  As Abel Leighton Allen contends, “Our todays are the result of our past thinking, our tomorrows the result of our present thinking. We have been our mental parents, and we shall be our own mental children.” Simply stuck in a thinking-feeling loop. How would Woody and Birdy Ball, Golf as Guru, use this taste of philosophy to improve their golf game?

  • Search for a meditation coach and launch daily meditation. Simply sit! During ritual on every shot this will facilitate quieting the mind and becoming one with the environment, the club, the ball, and the target. In the present moment, take deep breaths and see the ball at the target. Marry clear intention and elevated emotion and synchronize the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems.
  • Become aware, understand, work with, and trust the well-programmed subconscious mind to perform.
  • Immaculate set-up: grip, aim, POSTURE, and stance. As the body goes, so goes the mind; as the mind goes, so goes the body. Posture, posture, posture!
  • Have equipment that fits and feels good.
  • Select a good coach who will work with you to accomplish your golf goals. Good coach-student chemistry is a must.
  • Two putts per green maximum, hit the greens in regulation, and make ups and downs.
  • Play happy golf!

As Birdy offers, “Yes! We are thinking, personality, and character reflections of the language we live in. Let’s live in the language we desire! Close the gap between the presented self and the authentic self. Let’s not be imprisoned by the swing thoughts and whims of the monkey mind that keep us mired two shots from insanity.” Simply be, breathe deep and create supernatural awareness, starry days and starry nights. See the ball at the target and be with the ball at the target.



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