Today, the real crisis—national emergency—in these United States is the glaring absence of unifying, political leadership. Our politics has evolved to be a circus of “entertainers” who are orchestrating a dirty, 2024 election duel of parties who have obvious inadequacies, partial truths and lack the perspectives to address the complex issues facing the world today.

The recycling crisis of the absence of unifying, political leadership and limited perspectives offers the opportunity to study, reflect and itemize policies of particular interest to us; and to choose unifying political leaders who are ethical and moral, are guided by core values and guiding principles and have a track record of leadership successes through team play. We need leaders who listen to differences, who can transcend and include differences; and can unify diverse strengths. We need politicians who will facilitate hope for this great country, put us back on the track, and restore the brightness, sparkle and shine of our democracy.

Seven key brand attributes to look for in candidates who are marketing qualities for elections are as follows:

  • LEADERSHIP: This quality is an attribute of an individual’s brand; and is an earned, trust based, influence relationship between the respective leader, other leaders and followers who intend ethical and moral change that mirror common purpose.
  • INTEGRAL ETHICS: Integral connotes comprehensive, whole, balanced and “best of the best.” Ethics is sincere, private commitment to doing what it takes to expand awareness and show up with caring, love, compassion and a life of full integrity: “walk the talk” in every area of life and “model the way” as an individual; in relationships; and by skillfully helping and supporting others.
  • MORALS: Judgments made by an individual and concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness and badness of human character.
  • VALUES: Determine what a person pays attention to and how the person acts. Examples: trust and trusted; integrity; direct; open; honesty; caring; compassionate; moral; health, wellness and well being; financial viability; leadership; hope; and peace-of-mind.
  • GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Core values that are articulated. Examples: Do not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do. Objective, not self-serving and act in the best interests of the people and organization being served. Committed to the concept of 100% responsibility: life happens because of me and not to me. Do not blame others, learn from one’s own experiences in an intentional and self-directed manner and apply that learning to new challenges. Set a good example for physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual awakening, ethical behavior and integration of hidden, denied and repressed reflections manifested in the world. I am a student of life. I am silent self alone. I do everything with love. No matter what I am experiencing, it is arising in the awareness I am.
  • FOLLOWERSHIP: The actions of someone in a subordinate role. The intentional practice on the part of the subordinate to enhance the synergistic interchange between the follower and the leader. Team play: good leaders have practiced being good followers and are good followers.
  • INTEGRAL POLITICS: Awareness and understanding of the inadequacies of political parties because of limited and partial views that do not address the complex issues facing the world today. Requires a transcending and including leadership philosophy to unite multiple perspectives.

In Integral Life Practice Wilber et al offer, “People born with beauty, privilege, wealth, and fame sometimes make poor use of all of their advantages, diminishing themselves and those around them.” As Americans, we can select good political leaders who transcend and include, appreciate the strengths found in diversity and can lead efforts to restore the global shine and sparkle to our painfully evolving nation and world. Some glaring policy needs: 1) respect for the role of the media who need to be objective, not self-serving and held accountable for delivering messages that are in the best interests of Americans; 2) infrastructure maintenance and evolution for tomorrow’s needs; 3) comprehensive reform of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and reined in healthcare costs; 4) comprehensive immigration reform; 5) foreign policy that strengthens alliances around the world; 6) simple, equitable tax system; 7) sound economy, balanced budget and sane trade policies; 8) stop the scourge of the opioid crisis; 9) tough, finely tuned, well-trained military, space forces and artificial intelligence resources; and 10) comprehensive environmental programs. Let’s do our homework and cast votes for political leaders who are objective, not self-serving and make decisions that are in the best interests of an America for Americans.




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