IMPACT: Programming the Subconscious Mind

A round of golf is a simple “slice of life” where seeds are planted to bear life and golf fruits at future times and places. To grow these fruits of consciousness the only assignment is openness. And, for this student of golf and life, the experience has been that simple is good! And simpler is […]


Trusting the subconscious mind to swing the golf club has evolved an inspiration to be more positive; and guess what! The game is the “funest” and “bestest” ever!! Placing rampant swing thoughts on a bus to South America, providing clear “desired results” to the subconscious and passionately connecting the conscious mind with the subconscious mind—mind”full”ness—is […]


Ever since teeing up that first golf ball with Mom and Dad at the age of seven, golf has been a patient life coach; and as the years have sped by, the sport continues to coach and counsel. Recent experiences have offered that if open and psychologically ready for the infinite messages, “simple” in golf […]


The mind is a remarkable gift; however, a single, errant golf ball in the pond on the right of the fairway can rapidly orchestrate a disruptive, conscious mind ramble of swing thoughts. As Voltaire reminds, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Perhaps trusting the subconscious mind can enable us to avoid two errant […]