Myth and Experience of War

Sitting in the Flames, CHAPTER TWO: Immersed in the Myth and Experience of War In the “Gripping Hands” section of the Spring 2015 issue of the West Point magazine, a brief article about a Class of 2004 graduate reads, Captain William N. Eberle receives Distinguished Service Cross For his courage and gallantry while in close […]

Why do we need wars?

Why do we need wars? Words taken from daily headlines certainly paint a sensual, harsh reality of war: “hostage slain,” “deadliest month,” “terror in the streets,” “stress disorders,” “war toll a horrific cost,” “airstrikes and bombs,” “deadly clashes,” “bloodshed,” and “prisons.” And a recorded history of 15,000 global wars, in 5000 plus years, and counting, […]