Why write Golfer’s Palette?

Why write Golfer’s Palette?
In the summer of 2004 Doug, my son, with his very competitive spirit, expressed his desire to learn to play golf. Having played golf since I was seven years old, it felt like it would be feasible to help Doug start to learn the game of golf. We started with a first lesson at Indian Tree Golf Course, Arvada, Colorado. Doug’s interest sparked an interest in wife, Cindy, to learn the game, too. Together, Cindy and I we took lessons from Tom Thorne at Indian Tree Golf Course. Very soon, the three of us were frequently playing together. Because Doug started to beat me, I decided to hone my skills by working with seven different GolfTEC instructors, year-round, for five years.
Following a divorce and a tumbling economy that caused his construction business to experience financial difficulty, Doug decided in 2006 to change careers, move to Arizona and attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Following graduation Doug went to work for Bourget’s, a custom motorcycle manufacturer. The economy was not kind to this business either; and Doug took his Harley Davidson mechanics training and went to work for Hacienda Harley, Scottsdale, Arizona. Again, a faltering economy took its toll on this business.
In the winter of 2008, Doug called from Phoenix, Arizona and said, “Dad, I am thinking about a career change and attending the Golf Academy of America.” My immediate response was, “Why don’t I come to Arizona and attend the Golf Academy of America with you?” We chatted about it for a few minutes; and the decision was made. In January 2009, it was off to Chandler, Arizona and 14 months living with Doug in an apartment adjacent to the second green on San Marcos Resort Golf Course. Golf Academy of America student life was exciting; playing weekly tournament golf was challenging; and studying the business of golf management was fun. Doug and I graduated in April 2010; and in early 2013 I returned to the Golf Academy of America to study Advanced Teaching.
Having been immersed in the Naropa University contemplative environment for three years, coupled with the training and practice of meditation, the very focused Golf Academy of America golf technical skills training and practice offered a fantastic opportunity to evolve a personal bridge between body-mind mastery skills and the technical skills associated with moving a golf club through the ball to a target. The genesis for Golfer’s Palette was the collection of reflection papers created during the 20 months of learning, practicing and experiencing the art and science of golf. Coupled with having played golf for some 68 years, the unique, central message in Golfer’s Palette is that uncovering and unleashing the artist within really works for golf and everything we choose to do. The formula is simple: go to the breath, quiet the mind and connect, in-the-moment, with things that make a real difference in our intended quality of life.

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