A fascinating dimension of the golf journey has been an evolving search for a connection between a golf stroke and meditation. The goal of a golf shot is for the golf ball to hit a target; and an available golf shot strategy is to create peak performance conditions by becoming one with the environment, the […]

Why write Golfer’s Palette?

Why write Golfer’s Palette? In the summer of 2004 Doug, my son, with his very competitive spirit, expressed his desire to learn to play golf. Having played golf since I was seven years old, it felt like it would be feasible to help Doug start to learn the game of golf. We started with a […]

Why write Sitting in the Flames?

Why write Sitting in the Flames? After retirement in 1993, bowling felt like a really neat activity for a new senior citizen. Three leagues per week, coupled with 40-50 games of practice per week, moved the average to 208. When the average peaked, burn-out and boredom arrived; and bowling was no longer fun. This triggered […]