World Handicap System, distance technology impact on golf courses, golf legends snapshots and golf alternatives, these are four fascinating topics in the Spring issue of the re-launched United States Golf Association Journal. An inspiring interview with Don Cheadle is inspiring. Reflection offers that the question and answer format used by his interviewer, Mike Trostel, manifests unique stories for every golfer.
How and why do you mark your golf balls?
This golfer’s preferred ball marking system can be found in Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible, Section 11.7: Learn to Aim, pages 267-68.
How. 1) A “Balance-line”: two red eyes on one end of a blue line around ½ half of the circumference of the ball. 2) A blue “Dot Spot”: the largest area of non-dimpled surface at the end of the Balance-line—offers advantage of striking the spherical surface of the ball rather than the edges of a dimple. 3) A blue putter “Face-line” perpendicular to the Balance-line.
Why: the margin of error in putting is so small that precise alignment is crucial; and blue is a color that is soft and pleases this golfer. The two red eyes** glare at the cup!!
What is the most important thing about golf that you learned from your father?
Etiquette and respect for playing partners! I hear him today on hole number one at Orchard Hills Country Club demanding that I not stand on his line-of-putt or in his peripheral vision when he was putting. At times his reprimand was rather coarse!! Today I am grateful for his etiquette and respect lessons: they are fundamental to the game and make the game the priceless treasure that it is!
 What’s a scouting report on your strengths and weaknesses?
A weakness is “swing thoughts” that persist after an errant shot: simply a life of being a perfectionist. During these times, it is difficult to quiet the mind and trust a well-programmed subconscious mind to swing the club or putt the ball because of the “get it right” interference from the conscious mind. Two strengths are staying in good physical condition and remaining a student of the game: always open to learning more about golf.
What is your greatest accomplishment on the golf course?
Accepting that things are OK just the way they are. This is simply not rejecting the imperfect, growing self-restraint and breathing deep.
During these turbulent, challenging times of change and transition, reflecting and sharing your answers to the questions might be fun. Give it a high and straight shot! Stay tuned for more questions and answers. If you would like to share, send your answers along to Have fun!!! Stay healthy!!!

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