World Handicap System, distance technology impact, golf legends and golf alternatives, these are four interesting topics in the Spring issue of the re-launched United States Golf Association Journal. An inspiring interview with Don Cheadle is also grabbing. Awareness revealed that the question and answer format used by his interviewer, Mike Trostel, manifests unique stories for every golfer.
How did you get started in the game?
 This writer grew up in Sherwood a small town in Northwest Ohio, fifteen miles from the Indiana state line and 27 miles from the Michigan state line. The town was all of 500 folks where Dad owned a family operated hardware store. Customers were hard-working corn, wheat, oats and soybean farmers.
Other than work or church, Orchard Hills Country Club, Bryan, Ohio, was a frequent “place to be” for Dad, Mom, my brother, Dan, and me while Dan and I we were growing up as kids. We all took golf lessons from Shorty Stockman and played golf as a family. Dad closed the store every Thursday afternoon and played golf with Harry Gardner, the hardware store owner in Bryan. Golf is in the genes.
What’s the best course you have ever played?
 Stoney Creek Golf Club, Wheatridge, Colorado immediately comes to mind. This was a nine-hole, par 29 course carved out of 330 leased acres of a Black Angus cattle farm by the Larry Root family. Larry had grown up working at Pinehurst Country Club, Denver, Colorado where his father, Gene Root, was Head Golf Professional and in later years was elected to the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame. Larry had always dreamed of having his own golf course; and after tenure as Head Golf Professional at Applewood Country Club, he and his family launched the Stoney Creek project. Larry and his wife, Margaret, lived upstairs in the Clubhouse and the walk to and from work was a few stairs. A fond memory is when leaving the Clubhouse for the first tee was Larry’s inspiration, “Hit ‘em high and straight and don’t miss any three-foot putts.” The course is beautiful and remains quite testy: Stoney Creek comes into play on holes 3, 5 and 7; lakes are a challenge on holes 1, 2 and 8; pasture beckons on holes 6 and 8; and a country road invites a hook on hole number 9. The course record was 26; and your author could only get to 27.
What’s your go-to club?
 A PING, Glide 3.0, 56-degree, 10-degree bounce wedge: 2.25 degrees flat (Orange), 36” long with a KBS Tour 110 Regular shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip. It feels great, looks great, sounds great, is forgiving; and chips, pitches, blasts from sand bunkers and makes scoring wedge shots greater than 30 yards.
 During these turbulent, challenging times of change and transition, reflecting and sharing your answers to the questions might be fun. Give it a high and straight shot! Stay tuned for more questions and answers. If you would like to share, send your answers along to Have fun!!!

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