The former Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, has been impeached and is being tried in the United States Senate for orchestrating an insurrection of the United States Capital on January 6, 2021 because of the false, glorified claim that the 2020 Presidential election, that he lost by 7 million votes, was unfair.

Republican Senators who vote to acquit the former President and Inciter-in-Chief will send a multitude of crystal-clear, implied messages across the country, stimulating cultural disruption and domestic terrorism for years. Some of these messages are as follows:

  • It is OK to rally the troops to storm the Capital, tell them you are going to march with them, and then, choose to watch the incited insurrection on television.
  • Homegrown, domestic terrorism is acceptable.
  • Breaking the law is OK and accomplices to crimes are above the law.
  • Racism is necessary to preserve the country for white folks.
  • Police and combat soldiers who willingly give their lives to protect our country are losers and suckers.
  • PTSD, suicides, and loss of life are no big deal.
  • Ignoring facts and reality are acceptable.
  • It is OK to be self-serving, not objective, and make decisions that are not in the best interests of the country.
  • Gangsters who are corrupt and behave as if above the law are OK.
  • A stale, nasty breath of death, hate, narcissism, chaos, fear, conspiracy, norm erosion, “dark,” institutional deconstruction, and neo fascism is OK.

Voting to acquit the former President certainly sends a negative message to constituents and others across the country; and it is clearly a dereliction of Constitutional, sworn duty. As the former leader of this country, Donald J. Trump’s behavior was unacceptable and was cowardly, immoral, evil, not factual, and illegal. The former Commander-in-Chief is disgusting and the audio, video, pictures, words, and tweets paint a clear picture of a narcissistic sociopath who deserves to be impeached.

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