WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT Sitting in the Flames?

For forty years Dr. John Edwin DeVore carried the weight of war before finally removing the burden and looking closely at what it signified. Sitting in the Flames is a fascinating and thought provoking study of human character that was blinded by corporate greed, by the passion to consume, by the myth of armed conflict, and by cultural conditioning that fosters what one believes, as opposed to how one behaves. Dr. DeVore has written a critically important and timely perspective of war, and he offers a very compelling and priceless message.
In Sitting in the Flames, we live the horrors of war; however, Dr. DeVore’s disclosure is not random war stories that sell the idea of patriotism by exposing heroic actions. We see a man return home and mature into a wisdom and intellect that lead him to healing and a sense of peace and freedom that now guides his life. Dr. DeVore sees war as more than youth dying for a cause: it is a responsibility that an entire nation must bear, a responsibility for our actions, and a responsibility for those who do the battle. It is not enough to deal with the specifics of war in the pages of a history book. We must understand why we create wars and how we can avoid them. In a country that beats the drums of war with regularity, these are lessons that need to be learned. [BookSurge (CreateSpace), Amazon.com Company]
In his autobiography, Sitting in the Flames, Dr. John Edwin DeVore, describes his experience while serving in the Vietnam War, as well as his search for inner calmness after the war ended…By detailing his path of escape from emotional suffering, Dr. DeVore hopes to be an inspiration for others to take one step at a time and uncover peace of mind, purpose, and connections created on a foundation of compassion and love. [Jennifer Uebelhack, Bohlsen Group]

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