What has been said about GOLFER'S PALETTE?

Inspired by a search for the connection between the body and the mind, Dr. John Edwin DeVore enables readers to become aware of the conditions needed for peak performance by offering a unique perspective of body-mind mastery skills, integrating contemplative skills with technical skills in a sport with a rich technical culture of club and […]

WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT Sitting in the Flames?

For forty years Dr. John Edwin DeVore carried the weight of war before finally removing the burden and looking closely at what it signified. Sitting in the Flames is a fascinating and thought provoking study of human character that was blinded by corporate greed, by the passion to consume, by the myth of armed conflict, […]

WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT Sitting in the Flames?

As reviewed by New York Times best-selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh… Much has been written about the Vietnam War. We’re all familiar with the brutal carnage, the heroics of soldiers under pressure and the endlessly heartbreaking entries in our history books. Is there a way to extract some good from the tragic war, and if […]

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