What has been said about GOLFER'S PALETTE?

Inspired by a search for the connection between the body and the mind, Dr. John Edwin DeVore enables readers to become aware of the conditions needed for peak performance by offering a unique perspective of body-mind mastery skills, integrating contemplative skills with technical skills in a sport with a rich technical culture of club and body mechanics. [Jennifer Uebelhack, Bohlsen Group]
All I can say is “Wow.” I have been told since I started playing golf that there was always a mental side of the game that should be learned…I never heard anyone mention things like emotions, mind and ego…pages 51-60 were of special interest to me because a lot of it sounded very familiar to me. I have been told by family and friends, for many years, that I had an inflated ego. It has cost me loss of family and many good friends. Having read this wonderful book will make the years I have left even more fulfilling. I can read it over and over and each time understand a little better…meditation, yoga, and the inner roommate are things that I would never relate to golf. Thank you. [Ray Isaacs]
John, in my up-teen years of trying to play golf, including several golf schools, multiple well-meaning PGA pros, and more books, videos, and tipsters, I found your book to be my Holy Grail. [Larry Waters]

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