The United States Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump is an ending, transition, and a new beginning. As “new investigations” unfold for the former Commander-in-Chief, incumbent Senators and Representatives who were accomplices, and other accomplices to the insurrection, investigators and prosecutors will thrive on the massive amounts of incriminating evidence that has […]


Stop what you are doing, breathe deep, and be!  Now notice the experience of endings, new beginnings, changes, and transitions, the psychological adjustments to changes. It was October 21, 2020. A shock! Yes, like a meteor hitting earth outside a bedroom window! It was 6:00 PM, Cindy, wife and soulmate of 48 plus years, and […]


TRANSITION BLUES “The certainties of one age are the problems of the next.” (R.H. Tawney) These are changing and turbulent times that challenge men’s, women’s and children’s hearts and souls. Fear and uncertainty are abundant; and loss of normalcy and identity traumatize. Death, individual and collective health uncertainty, financial insecurity, competitiveness decline, education regression, depressed […]


World Handicap System, distance technology impact, golf legends and golf alternatives, these are four interesting topics in the Spring issue of the re-launched United States Golf Association Journal. An inspiring interview with Don Cheadle is also grabbing. Awareness revealed that the question and answer format used by his interviewer, Mike Trostel, manifests unique stories for […]


As global guests we are in the midst of an interference blizzard—psychological overload of our very fragile human condition—because of scores of deliberate, unmanaged changes and manufactured messages that manifest as a sense of lost identity, confusion, chaos, infinite searching and loneliness that camouflage fear, anger and sadness. Some worldwide, current reality change symptoms are […]