What has been said about GOLFER'S PALETTE?

Inspired by a search for the connection between the body and the mind, Dr. John Edwin DeVore enables readers to become aware of the conditions needed for peak performance by offering a unique perspective of body-mind mastery skills, integrating contemplative skills with technical skills in a sport with a rich technical culture of club and […]

What is a golfer’s palette?

It does not matter whether we are talking about golf or life, we each have an inner artist waiting to be uncovered and unleashed to create either a desired golf shot, a minuet, a painting or a facet of life we dream to experience. A golfer’s palette is symbolic of the mental and technical skills […]


Welcome to my world; and to the life of a work-in-process “experience junkie” making a trek from “trained killer” to “spiritual warrior,” where peace of mind, creativity and joy have been tasted and celebrated. Born and raised in Northwestern Ohio farm country, my hometown was Sherwood, population 500. Life as a kid found me sweeping […]